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What are the benefits of being the first to file for divorce?

There are two main ways most divorces occur. In one, the couple has tried to work out their problems. When this fails, they typically move on to mutual discussions about getting a divorce. The second usually involves one spouse abruptly informing the other that they have filed, or are filing, for divorce.

Just because she's good in court doesn't mean she's a good mom

Throughout history, a person who has a good representative can achieve miracles, bend reality and -- sometimes -- making things happen that never should have happened in the first place. They can do this by bending our perception of reality so that we don't see the truth anymore. Our legal system is designed in a way that's supposed to prevent this from happening -- especially when it comes to something as sensitive as a child custody dispute.

Are you a parent planning for divorce? Start journaling now

"Journaling" usually refers to the act of maintaining a journal or diary of the feelings and thoughts related to your day. When a parent journals about his or her parenting activities, on the other hand, it serves a more important purpose than recordkeeping and psychological/emotional reflection. Indeed, this simple act could safeguard the parent's right to child custody in the future.

Are you getting a divorce due to conflict resolution problems?

Everyone talks about how marriage depends on good communication and that once communication breaks down, divorce is likely. However, a psychological researcher named John Gotman has a different opinion about the likely cause of most divorces: an inability to resolve conflicts.

Signs that it is time for divorce

Divorce is never an easy subject. Even though it is no longer taboo, it can be difficult to hear your spouse tell you that they want a divorce. You might feel sad, disappointed and even defeated. Today, we will take a look at the common signs it could be time for divorce so you won't be taken by surprise when your spouse utters those words.

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