Drug courts are a relatively new way for the legal system to handle drug charges. If you face a drug charge, you may have the chance to go through drug court, which is an advantage over going through the regular court system.

According to the Baldwin Drug Court, by using this system, you give yourself a chance to overcome addiction issues and avoid a criminal charge on your record.

How it works

Drug court involves going before a judge just as you would in a regular situation. However, instead of entering a plea and the judge issuing a sentence, the judge will give you some conditions you must fulfill. Often, these are to do community service, complete a treatment program, pay fines, pass drug testing and other similar requirements. If you complete the requirements the court sets for you, then the court throws out your charges, and you end up with no criminal conviction.


The obvious benefit of going through drug court is to avoid a criminal record. However, it is beneficial in many other ways for you and the system.

For you, it gives you the chance to help yourself with any drug addiction you have. Since you will have to go through treatment, it can change your life and help you to stop using drugs.

You also may have the chance to find employment or get training so that you can find employment. The services offered can help you to better your life in many ways.

For the system, it helps to keep the number of people in jail or prison lower. Drug convictions are a top reason why jails and prisons have overcrowding issues, so this is a huge benefit that frees up resources within the criminal justice system to handle violent and serious offenders.