An accident can leave you with more than just medical bills. The emotional trauma that results from an accident, for example, may leave you in a constant state of fear or anxiety.

The state of Alabama recognizes that you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering, also known as noneconomic damages.

The purpose of noneconomic damages

Economic damages are fairly easy to compute during a personal injury case because they have a paper trail. Things like medical bills, repair bills and other monetary losses provide the amounts for economic damages. Emotional pain and trauma, however, do not have a receipt. Because of this, noneconomic damages exist to compensate you for things that may not be easily calculated.

According to FindLaw, noneconomic damages should compensate you for your pain and suffering. This includes things like physical pain, the loss of enjoyment of life and mental effects from your injury. More commonly known as “mental anguish damages,” Alabama, categorizes these damages as either punitive, past or future.  Pain and suffering damages specifically apply to medical malpractice cases and people who are crime victims.

If you are partly responsible for your accident

To seek damages for an injury, you must prove that the other party was negligent somehow. In some cases, you may be partly responsible for the accident yourself. While there are states which allow you to claim a percentage of damages even if you are partly responsible, Alabama is not one of them.

If you sustain injuries in an accident, be sure to file a claim as soon as you can. The statute of limitations in Alabama for an injury claim is two years.