Most people consider divorce as something that applies only to couples who no longer wish to be together. However, there is a new wave in this area called “strategic divorce” that has nothing to do with the breakdown of a relationship. According to CNBC, this type of divorce is a choice to help a couple avoid financial issues that may come from being in a marriage. 

This type of divorce is really on paper only. The couple may remain together and nothing much will change except they no longer have to state they are a married couple. However, the court still requires the couple to do everything any other divorcing couple would do, such as split property and determine child custody. It may not be the best solution in every situation, but there are a few reasons people at least will consider a strategic divorce. 


For higher-earning couples, a divorce can mean huge savings in taxes. It will help to lower their overall income and put them into different tax brackets, allowing them to save a lot of money. 

College financial aid 

If a couple has a child going to college, having divorced parents could enable that child to qualify for more financial aid. This could be enough to lead parents to end their marriage because college costs can be so high. They may want to help their child avoid debt. 

Health care 

Another reason why a couple may divorce is to allow one of them to become eligible for Medicaid coverage. If a couple is older and one of them requires expensive health care, Medicaid can be the only way to pay for it, and being married could be detrimental to qualifying under the income requirements of the program. A divorce can leave the spouse with fewer assets that allow him or her to qualify for the program.