Any arrest, whether it leads to a conviction or not, can negatively impact numerous facets of your life. The most significant part of your life that will be affected is your ability to get a job. However, sometimes your criminal records may get erased, which can prove to be extremely beneficial.

If your record gets stained with a DUI, you might have these charges erased though through a strict and often discouraging process.

The first thing you need to do is ensure that you are eligible for the expungement. The process will vary from state to state. According to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, you may have to wait for five years if your case got dismissed without prejudice in an Alabama court.

You must also not have committed any other criminal offenses. It must also be such that your original charges cannot get refilled. You must, therefore, research to find out whether you are eligible.

Ensure that you keep a copy of your criminal records. You can access them either online or from the courthouse, at a small fee. With your criminal records, file your expungement forms and get individuals who can vouch for you to sign affidavits.

Send copies of all the documents, including the affidavits to the district attorney’s office. If the prosecutor has no objections, they will sign the documents, and you can file your request directly with the court.

Always ensure that you fill the papers with utmost care to ensure they are accurate. Also, ensure you show that you have changed and truly deserve to have the criminal charges expunged.