Skin burns are often thought of as some of the most painful injuries a person can sustain, with the stronger the burn, the more painful the injury. However, some of the worst burns do not necessarily produce severe pain. A person who suffers a burn at home or in an Alabama workplace might not feel pain in the afflicted area at all. This is not a good thing and is likely an indicator of severe nerve damage.

According to Heathline, the most severe burns can penetrate through all layers of the skin and reach down to the nerves. Third degree burns or worse can damage nerves so severely that they cannot transmit pain signals to the brain. So even though an area of the skin is ravaged, the injury victim does not feel any pain resulting from the injury.

Severe burns, even if they do not hurt, pose dangerous health risks. Since the skin is penetrated by the burn, bacteria can infiltrate the wound and infect the body. Tetanus and sepsis are two possible infections a burn victim can contract. Burns can also cause bleeding and dangerously deplete the body of blood, possibly causing hypovolemia. Harsh burns can also result in shock which can be fatal.

A lack of pain does not mean you should underestimate the impact of a burn. Organs, bones and nerves may suffer damage when you get burned and require surgery or other treatment. Even after the initial treatment, a burn victim may require long term rehabilitation. Some people require skin grafts to help restore a burned area. There are also burn victims who take severe damage to a limb and require it to be amputated.

This article is written to provide general information on personal injury topics. Do not interpret it as legal or medical advice.