Vaping has been given a lot of attention in the media recently, from the potential health concerns related to the use of these devices to teenagers becoming addicted to nicotine. Some people may believe that vaping is a healthier way to get their nicotine fix in comparison to smoking cigarettes, but there are a lot of different issues that those who vape should be aware of. For example, these devices may even increase the likelihood of a traffic accident due to drowsiness, intoxication or distraction.

Someone who is not very familiar with vaping may take their hands off the wheel to use the device or their ability to focus on driving may be adversely affected by their use of this device. Moreover, some people think that nicotine is relatively harmless when it comes to intoxication, but some people are not familiar with the effects of nicotine (especially if they are vaping and are accidentally exposing themselves to very high levels of nicotine). This can lead to a rapid heart rate and cause a user to feel dizzy, which can be very problematic if they are in control of a vehicle.

Even if you do not vape, you may be hit by someone who is vaping when a crash occurs. This is another factor that needs to be examined closely in the wake of a collision, especially since it may have played a key role in the crash. Sadly, many lives have been cut short due to various distractions, and our law office focuses on providing information to the victims of traffic accidents.