Drunk driving charges are never easy, regardless of who is pulled over and charged with this offense. However, some people face unique challenges related to drunk driving charges, as well as consequences which could have an especially tough impact on their future. For example, those who are under the age of 21 may face numerous hurdles if they are charged with DUI, and these cases can be especially frustrating because some young drivers are charged with this offense even though they had very little alcohol in their system (thanks to zero tolerance laws).

When a teen or 20-year-old is charged with DUI, their entire future may be at stake. Certain career ambitions may be derailed, and these charges could disrupt their relationships with friends and family members as well as jeopardize their academic career. Some young people are charged with DUI even though they had an extremely small amount of alcohol in their system, but the consequences may still haunt them for many years to come. As a result, it is imperative to understand your options if you are facing these charges, or if your child is in this predicament.

In some cases, young people have been able to successfully defend themselves and secure a court decision that is more favorable. There are all sorts of different facets of a DUI case which can affect how it plays out, and sometimes even minor details (or details that do not appear to be very significant) can have a huge impact on the end result of the case. Explore our site to read more on drunk driving.