As a couple going through a divorce in Alabama, you will likely have to make alimony arrangements of some kind. But will the alimony payments you settle on at the time of the divorce last indefinitely? Braxton Blake Lowe, Attorney at Law, will take a look at this question today.

Alimony payments can, in fact, be adjusted in accordance with financial changes that you or your ex-spouse may face. The courts are well aware of the fact that financial situations are always changing. What suits you both at the time of your divorce may become difficult to uphold as time passes.

So what are some of the valid reasons to get your alimony payment altered or adjusted to suit your current needs? The most common involve changes to you or your ex-spouse’s financial situation, resulting in either the gain or loss of money.

In terms of loss, this can include an individual:

  • Being fired or demoted
  • Suffering from a medical incident or other accident that incurs large expenses
  • Marrying into a new family and becoming the primary support
  • Being jailed or relocated (if in the military)

Payments can also be altered if the individual receiving them becomes more financially secure. For example, if they are the one who marries into a new family that has another primary provider, the ex-spouse paying support may be able to request their payments to be lessened.

Has the financial situation of you or your spouse recently changed? Do you find yourself needing to make adjustments to the alimony payments that you either give or receive? If so, consider contacting an experienced attorney to learn more about your options.