Personal injury accidents can happen when the victim least expects them – such as while walking on campus. Schools in Alabama owe legal responsibilities to keep students reasonably safe while on campus. Any breach of this duty could cause preventable injuries.

If a student suffers injuries while on school grounds in Alabama, he or she could be eligible for financial reparation. The school or city may owe the student money for medical bills and other damages, regardless of the type of accident, if it was negligent in preventing the injuries.

Unsafe parking lots

An unsafe parking lot could refer to poor design, cracked sidewalks, potholes or lack of nighttime security. Parking lot accidents can range from fender benders to trip-and-falls. If the parking lot or garage is on school property, the school is responsible for keeping it hazard-free.

Negligent security

Lack of security in parking garages, dorms, libraries and elsewhere on campus could lead to an unreasonable risk of criminal activities. Crimes such as robbery, burglary, vandalism and sexual assault could point to school liability if school administrators should have offered better student protection, yet failed to do so.

Dorm fire hazards

Dorm fires can cause catastrophic burns and smoke inhalation injuries. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 118 people died in campus fires from 2000 to 2015. The most common cause of deadly campus fires is smoking (29%). Keeping dorms reasonably free from fire hazards is the school’s legal responsibility.

Slip/trip-and-fall risks

Slip/trip-and-fall accidents can cause broken bones, head injuries and temporary disabilities. Common causes are uneven sidewalks, slippery floors, exposed cords, ripped carpets and unsafe staircases. Properly maintaining the premises is part of a school’s duties.

Sports accidents

Campus sports are part of the fun of going to school for many students…until they end up in the hospital. Heat exhaustion, impact injuries, broken bones, muscle sprains and traumatic brain injuries are all possible sports-related injuries. Negligent coaching and premises hazards could contribute to these injuries.