Some drivers do their part to keep Alabama’s roadways safe by being contentious drivers. Unfortunately, such drivers have likely noticed that not every other driver brings the same dedication with them when they slide behind the wheel.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, as far back as 2015, 13% of motorists do not have auto insurance. Safe and insured motorists should know what to do when hit by an uninsured driver

Do not accept cash

American Family Insurance notes that drivers should not accept money from uninsured drivers, a tactic used to sidestep the monetary penalties that come with not carrying auto insurance. Even if the amount offered is substantial and verified, it still may not be enough to cover all medical and car repair costs.

Contact the police

No matter how much the other driver may protest, the police should come to the scene of the accident. The report the police write up may go a long way in expediting the claims process and proving who is responsible for the accident.

Take images and gather evidence

While waiting for the police to arrive, it is a good time to gather evidence at the scene. Must-have details include the license plate of the other vehicle, damage sustained by both vehicles, the condition of the road and even the weather. When the police arrive, it is good to get the officer’s badge number and name. Notes to take include the make and model of the vehicle, the other driver’s name, and when and where the accident occurred.

All drivers involved in the accident should swap contact information. Even if the other motorist does not have insurance, it may become necessary to contact her or him in the future.