There are two main ways most divorces occur. In one, the couple has tried to work out their problems. When this fails, they typically move on to mutual discussions about getting a divorce. The second usually involves one spouse abruptly informing the other that they have filed, or are filing, for divorce.

Divorce is an emotion-filled, life-changing event. Therefore, many people fail to consider what steps might improve their side of this event. To some, it even seems coldhearted to look for advantages when seeking to end a marriage. However, when so much is at stake (including financial assets and children), looking for ways to enhance your case is critical. Being the first to file for your divorce can come with certain financial advantages. These include the following.

  • Filing first may make it impossible for your spouse to hide assets.
  • Filing first provides you with the opportunity to go ahead and collect all the documentation necessary to protect your interests.
  • Filing first can give you time to improve your financial situation before the divorce.
  • Filing first empowers you to put divorce team in place that includes sound legal counsel, a financial analyst, a therapist and other qualified team members.

When you are able to complete the steps above before your divorce enters the Alabama court system, you are better equipped to achieve a good outcome. It is not about cheating your spouse out of a fair settlement. It is about making sure that you receive fair treatment and that you are prepared to start a new life independently and free from overwhelming financial burdens.