From childhood through adulthood, just about everyone has suffered a bump on the head from time to time. The vast majority of these bumps is minor and causes no long-term health effects. Unfortunately, some apparently minor head injuries turn out to be serious concussions or even traumatic brain injuries (TBI). It is a type of personal injury with the power to alter a victim’s life forever.

The tragic death of actress Natasha Richardson shows how a seemingly minor blow to the head can turn deadly. She fell on a beginner’s ski slope and bumped her head in 2009. Initially refusing emergency treatment, Richardson continued to speak, walk and behave normally for some time before symptoms of a serious personal injury began to surface. Because she did not receive early medical care, she died as a result of her accident.

Any blow to the head requires immediate medical attention if only to rule out the possibility of severe personal injury. Victims may also need ongoing treatment and therapy to address the potential effects of TBI and serious concussions. Examples of such effects include:

  • Cognitive and neurological defects
  • Risk of developing epilepsy
  • Changes in thinking
  • Inability to communicate well
  • Sight and balance deficiencies

It is a safe bet that a TBI or other brain injury diagnosis will lead to massive medical expenses that most victims in Alabama cannot afford. When such injuries occur because of negligence or carelessness, victims can take action against the responsible party in an effort to acquire compensation. In many cases, this is the only way head injury victims can pay for the ongoing health care they need to survive and to thrive.

To those who believe they suffered a personal injury because of negligence, please consider seeking a legal opinion about your case. Doing so can relieve much of the anxiety you and your family members feel.