Imagine you suffered a catastrophic and disabling injury in a car accident, and you will have to deal with this injury for the rest of your life. You can no longer earn an income for yourself, you need expensive medical care and rehabilitative services and you’re in a tremendous amount of pain. This is not something that anyone should have to deal with in their lives, yet countless Americans have to face this as their daily realities.

In many cases, the injured car accident victim doesn’t have any recourse. He or she will have to pay for the costs out of his or her personal finances – if that’s even possible. But in other situations, when another party broke the law or committed negligence related to the crash, the injured party might be able to hold this person financially responsible in court. Usually, the lion’s share of the damages a plaintiff can pursue in such a case will be the medical expenses.

Here are some of the medical expenses that might be compensable:

— Emergency medical costs and ambulance fees

— Cognitive therapy costs

— Physical therapy costs

— Pain and suffering damages

— Medical professional bills for consultations and other treatments

— Compensation for permanent disability

— In-home medical care costs

— Medical accessory costs

— Future medical expenses

Regardless of how you were hurt or what kind of accident you were involved in, if another party is to blame for your injuries, our law office is available to review the facts of your case to determine if you can pursue a claim for financial damages.