Throughout history, a person who has a good representative can achieve miracles, bend reality and — sometimes — making things happen that never should have happened in the first place. They can do this by bending our perception of reality so that we don’t see the truth anymore. Our legal system is designed in a way that’s supposed to prevent this from happening — especially when it comes to something as sensitive as a child custody dispute.

Nevertheless, if one parent is extremely aggressive and strategic in a child custody dispute — and the other parent is not — trouble could be brewing for the less aggressive parent. Nothing in the law is cut or dry. Sometimes, you have to speak up and say something in court. Sometimes, it’s necessary to respond in the right way to a written challenge. Or we might need to bring up something about a certain piece of evidence in order to protect our parental rights.

A highly skilled litigant could warp reality to work against the parent who is actually a better caregiver for the children. In fact, there have been cases when an abusive parent, who is an excellent fighter in court and looks amazing on paper, wins full custody. In these situations, the child ends up with the wrong parent. The child might also experience abusive living circumstances. In conclusion, it’s important to respond to an aggressive parent appropriately in court.

If your parental rights are being challenged unjustly, it’s a serious matter that you cannot overlook. You may want to get in touch with a qualified legal counselor immediately to protect your right to spend time with your children. Don’t just do this for yourself. Do it for your future health and well-being of your child.