The Gulf Coast area attracts millions of out-of-state vacationers each year, escaping to the sea and the sun. An arrest for a DUI can quickly take your vacation from relaxing to stressful. Anticipating the consequences of an out-of-state arrest can override any remaining vacation days.

In Alabama, officers can charge you with a DUI if they believe you to be operating a vehicle under the influence. A DUI carries many possible penalties, including fines, jail time and the suspension of your driver’s license.

What to expect after a DUI arrest

After receiving a DUI out of state in Alabama, the process that follows could include:

  • License and suspension in Alabama. As part of an administrative procedure, your license will be automatically suspended in Alabama.
  • Notification of your home state law enforcement. Alabama police will notify law enforcement in your home state of the arrest.
  • Opportunity to request a hearing in Alabama. You have 10 days to request an administrative hearing  to regain your privilege to drive. If you lose the hearing or fail to request one, your license will be revoked for an extended period.
  • Court date issued in Alabama. To prepare for your court date, working with an attorney in the area can be beneficial.
  • Possibility of facing charges in both states. Both states could pursue charges against you according to their own laws. Penalties will vary according to your blood-alcohol content (BAC), whether this was your first offense and more.

Procedures and penalties to follow can vary by state

The penalties that you face in your home state may vary. However, most states recognize DUI convictions in other states. This means that if you received a DUI in Florida and now a DUI in Alabama, it will count as your second. If you received a conviction any time within the past 10 years, Alabama courts will now consider your new arrest to be a subsequent offense. This will affect the potential penalties you face.

The bottom line: act quickly

A constant in any DUI arrest is that it is important to act quickly to retain your driver’s license and minimize other consequences. While it can be challenging to manage the aftermath of receiving a DUI out of state, quick thinking and complying with the procedures in both states can be to your benefit.