Divorce is never an easy subject. Even though it is no longer taboo, it can be difficult to hear your spouse tell you that they want a divorce. You might feel sad, disappointed and even defeated. Today, we will take a look at the common signs it could be time for divorce so you won’t be taken by surprise when your spouse utters those words.

If the intimacy has disappeared from your marriage, it might be time to explore getting a divorce. Intimacy comes in two common forms: emotional and physical. The absence of either of these can be difficult to handle, but when both are no longer present, the marriage could be impossible to heal.

Did the ideas of the future by one spouse change? For example, did you plan to have kids when you were dating and engaged? If the thoughts about having children have dissipated, then it might be that divorce is in your future.

Socializing with family members and each other’s friends is an important part of any strong relationship. When the desire to take part in this socializing goes away, it can hurt the dynamics of the marriage. The two of you will be left alone with each other and that might not be best.

When one spouse is constantly put down and criticized by the other, it can cause a marriage to suffer. Many spouses will feel that they have failed at their marriage or that they just aren’t good enough when this happens.

Now that you know what to be on the lookout for in your marriage, you can prevent any surprises. Divorce is never easy to deal with, and it should always be handled with the help of an experienced attorney.