Facing a drug possession charge in Alabama is not easy. You likely aren’t sure what is to come, especially if this is your first criminal charge. Never just give in and plead guilty to the charges levied against you. The law allows you to mount a defense to these charges, which is why we have compiled a list of common drug charge defenses in today’s post.

There was an illegal search.

Police officers are required to follow the law when it comes to search and seizure. An unlawful search and seizure could lead to your case being tossed. Any drugs in plain sight during a traffic stop are fair game. The drugs found in the trunk of your car by an officer without consent are not.

There’s missing evidence.

When your case reached trial did the prosecution have trouble producing the drugs they confiscated from you during the arrest? If so, you might have a case for dismissal since the evidence has gone missing.

The drugs aren’t yours.

Maybe someone borrowed your car or was staying in your house and left them behind. Maybe you didn’t know that the person in your passenger seat had drugs on them when you went for a ride.

You were tricked into a crime.

You might also be able to argue entrapment in your case. Did a police officer convince you to commit a crime involving drugs and then you were arrested? If so, this is entrapment and it is illegal.

Drug charges do not have to ruin your life. These are only some of the possible defenses available. A successful defense may help you obtain reduced charges, fewer penalties or even a dismissal.