A recent report points to Alabama being home to some of the nation’s worst drivers.

The report, by SmartAsset, looked at various factors to compare and rank the states when it comes to driving. From this review, the report came up with a top 10 list of states with the worst drivers.

Unfortunately, Alabama made this list. It was given the No. 7 spot.

It is worth noting that Alabama’s drivers did rank better than some of the others in the region. The top two positions for worst drivers in the report were held by two of Alabama’s neighbors: Mississippi (ranked No. 1) and Tennessee (ranked No. 2).

One thing that contributed to Alabama’s inclusion on the list was its high traffic fatality rate. When it comes to motor vehicle deaths per 100 million miles driven, Alabama had the eighth highest rate. This unfortunately points to Alabama seeing a lot of tragedies out on the roads.

The report also found that violating traffic rules may be pretty common among Alabama drivers. According to the report, the state had the fourth-highest rate of people Googling speeding/traffic tickets.

Do you agree with the report’s assessment of Alabama drivers? What sorts of dangerous driving behaviors do you think are most common among drivers in the state? What areas would you most like to see drivers in the state improve in?

Encountering bad drivers out on the roads can not only be a frustrating experience, it can also be one with the potential to end in disaster. Bad driving conduct, including violating traffic laws, can trigger traffic crashes. When a person has suffered harm due to an encounter with a bad driver, the may want to seek out compensation-related guidance from an experienced car accident lawyer.