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Are infections from broken bones dangerous?

If you get into a car crash and suffer a broken bone that breaks the skin, one of the dangers is that you could develop an infection. Even if the bone is set correctly and causes no major concerns, bacteria could b ygh e inside the wound and lead to infections of the surrounding tissues or the bone itself.

Initially, it may be difficult to tell if there is an infection in or around the bone. Swelling, heat and pressure are all normal during early stages of a break, as the body reacts to the injury. However, if it persists, this is a sign of a problem.

What to know after getting a DUI on vacation

The Gulf Coast area attracts millions of out-of-state vacationers each year, escaping to the sea and the sun. An arrest for a DUI can quickly take your vacation from relaxing to stressful. Anticipating the consequences of an out-of-state arrest can override any remaining vacation days.

In Alabama, officers can charge you with a DUI if they believe you to be operating a vehicle under the influence. A DUI carries many possible penalties, including fines, jail time and the suspension of your driver’s license.

Common defenses to drug charges in Alabama

Facing a drug possession charge in Alabama is not easy. You likely aren't sure what is to come, especially if this is your first criminal charge. Never just give in and plead guilty to the charges levied against you. The law allows you to mount a defense to these charges, which is why we have compiled a list of common drug charge defenses in today's post.

There was an illegal search.

Signs that it is time for divorce

Divorce is never an easy subject. Even though it is no longer taboo, it can be difficult to hear your spouse tell you that they want a divorce. You might feel sad, disappointed and even defeated. Today, we will take a look at the common signs it could be time for divorce so you won't be taken by surprise when your spouse utters those words.

If the intimacy has disappeared from your marriage, it might be time to explore getting a divorce. Intimacy comes in two common forms: emotional and physical. The absence of either of these can be difficult to handle, but when both are no longer present, the marriage could be impossible to heal.

Alabama tot killed, mother injured in mall parking lot accident

A 3-year-old boy was killed and his mother injured when they were struck by a minivan in the parking lot of an Alabama mall recently.

The boy and his 23-year-old mother were hit about 5:30 p.m. on a Saturday night. The woman was taken to the hospital, where she was being treated for a broken leg and ankle. Her child was transported to Children's of Alabama, where he was pronounced dead about 8 p.m.

Report ranks Alabama drivers among the nation’s worst

A recent report points to Alabama being home to some of the nation’s worst drivers.

The report, by SmartAsset, looked at various factors to compare and rank the states when it comes to driving. From this review, the report came up with a top 10 list of states with the worst drivers.

Sharing your divorce on social media

Your friends have been there for you though everything. Even the ones who you recently reconnected with you have "liked" your pictures at Disney World and given the appropriate sad comments when your dog died.

With how much you've shared with them through social media, it almost seems rude not to share this next stage of your life with them on social media. But sharing about your divorce on social media, especially when it's still in progress, may not be such a great idea. 

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